Welcome to The River: Online

I want to personally welcome you to The River.

We believe The River is God's appointment for The Woodlands/Shenandoah/Oak Ridge area of South Texas.

The world as we know it is fully represented within The Greater Woodlands Area.  People from all over the world can be seen everyday walking, driving and interacting within our community.

Jesus said "Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations".  We believe this can and will be accomplished right here from The Woodlands, Texas.

Our goal is to touch this community with the presence and power of Christ through loving and serving people.

Pastor Chris Cornelius

Our Story

The River got its start in September 2003, when a small group of committed leaders began meeting and praying together in homes with a mission to raise up an Assembly of God Church in The Woodlands, Oak Ridge, and Shenandoah area of South Texas. The church officially began reaching out to the public on July 4, 2004 from Tinseltown Theater in The Woodlands, Texas. That was an historic time for us here at The River and will never be forgotten. In January of 2005, The River was blessed with its first home that it could fully occupy 24/7.
The new location (a former A/G Church) would come after a core group of believers would be built while meeting out of the Theater and in homes across the area. "Despise not small beginnings", a wise teaching to every new Pastor, and not to be overlooked here by this body. We are grateful for the people the Lord has sent to us to work with and the area he has challenged us to possess for His name's sake. If we fully commit to the call and obey the Great Commission, The River's history will include rapid growth and our church will be overflowing with hungry believers for more of God.
A look into the future to the possibilities of The River reaching into many areas of our community and world. Our desire in starting a church was never to have just a comfortable location for Christians to come and worship and call it their church. We believe we are the church no matter where we fellowship or gather together. Jesus said "go into all the world and make disciples of all nations". That's the command we believe and will follow. Everywhere we go, we are commanded to take the gospel and make disciples.
The River expanded looks like this:
  • A large congregation of passionate believers for the presence of God; people that crave the intimacy that only Christ can fulfill.
  • The River desires to have a full service youth outreach center that young people can call a home away from home; a place where young disciples are trained for service.
  • Caring for the elderly, involving them in our fellowship, seeking their wisdom and knowledge will be a stream of The River.
  • Incredible praise and worship will always take a huge place in every facet of ministry The River is involved in. We believe we have some of the finest musicians and singers that a church could ask for. Allowing them to use their gifts and talents will benefit worshippers weekly.
  • Helping to provide missionaries the funds and resources needed to keep them in the harvest fields of Christ.
  • Growing a large church will include giving birth to many plant churches from men and women whose hearts have been captured by the Lord while training under The River.
There's so much more; Young Couples, Children's Ministry and Outreach, future Master's Commission program, after care program for ex-offenders, etc... 
You've heard about the desire to expand The River, the question is not if we have a huge vision, the question is really; Where do you and your family fit into this vision?
Let us know how to help.